Detergents & Home Care
PER products were designed to provide cleanliness and protection to your homes and clothes. Dirt, bacteria are no more a hassle with this new family of products; you can rest assured that with PER family your homes and your beloved ones are in safe hands. PER products are subdivided into:

PER CLEAN sanitizing multipurpose detergent that contains disinfecting agents.

PER CLEAN MB regular general purpose detergent with morning breeze scent for hand dish washing.

PER ACTIF a highly concentrated detergent that contains highly efficient degreasing and perfuming agents.

PER SHINE an efficient glass and tile cleaner that ensures clean and sparkling surfaces.

PER WASH a low foam laundry detergent that ensures efficient and safe washing process in automatic washing machines.

   PER CLEAN stands for either a multipurpose sanitizing detergent with effective; cleaning - adjunct...  
  This ultra-strong power cleaner, was especially developed for very difficult cleaning tasks in your...  
  PER WASH “Gel” is a revolutionary new way to deliver your clothes beautifully clean, soft and...  
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