Bonding Solutions -- Glass Assembly
PARLITE® offers complete line of UV and Visible light curing adhesives and Glass Glue for wide variety of applications for bonding, encapsulating, coating, tacking and sealing. 

PARLITE® support wide range of optical applications such as doublet bonding, lens, prism, optic mounting, eyeglass lens laminating, fiber optic butt bonding, bundling and splicing. 

PARLITE® offers  complete line of UV curable adhesives and Glass Glue for disposable medical devices such as syringe, respiratory masks, tube sets, catheters, reservoirs, oxygenators, medical testing equipment’s, optical assembly, etc. 

PARLITE® line of UV curable adhesives is clear, high strength and excellent adhesion to glass, metals and wide variety of medical plastics. Custom formulations are available. These products are available in wide variety of packing such as syringe, bottle and drum.

Made in USA By Parson Adhesives, Inc.
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