Bonding Solutions -- Structural Assembly and Repair

The dominant feature of this class of adhesives is cure speed, within few seconds, hand-tight bonds can be realized. A wide range of viscosities, cure speeds and durability is available according to the nature of substrate and required strength.

PARFIX® adhesives support wide variety of industries such as the Automotive, Aerospacem, Railway, Marine, Sporting Goods, Oil & Gas, Sign & Display, Medical Devices, Printing & Graphics, Furniture, Construction, Transmission & Engine Products and General Assembly.

PARFIX® primers are formulated to ensure cure on inactive surfaces and increase the adhesion on low energy surfaces. PARFIX accelerators are designed to increase the cure speed and gap-filling capabilities of Cyanoacrylate adhesives. The surface properties of some materials are acidic or contain very low moisture content which slow down the curing of cyanoacrylate adhesives. 

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