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  About Us -- History
• By the end of the 1970's a big shift towards mechanical packaging took place and so animal gules became obsolete. At that time period Menatec was the first to introduce permanent liquid glues based upon dextrin (pyromodified starches). Today, the company is the biggest producer of dextrin-based adhesives I Egypt.

• Menatec's success I Dextrin-based adhesives was a key driver towards producing synthetic emulsion polymer adhesives based on PVA's and acrylics to fulfill the requirements of paper converting, packaging and other applications.

• In order to diversify the product range, the company has started to produce
lacquers for roller coaters and skill screen with outstanding filmproperties like; high gloss, high scratch resistance along with low odor to protect the working environment. Menatec intends to invade the market of varnishes and coating with superior film properties more profoundly in the near future.

• In 2010. Our company decided to invade the field of structural adhesives to complete its line of adhesive applications and diversify adhesive solution provision that the company is known for.